MAGBAN PLUS (Magnesium 9.5% + Sulpher-12.5%)

Magnesium sulfate is a naturally occurring mineral used to control low blood levels of magnesium. Magnesium sulfate injection is also used for pediatric acute nephritis and to prevent seizures in severe pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, or toxemia of pregnancy Chemical


Formula: MgSO4 or MgO4S




Mode of action:

The mechanism of action of magnesium sulfate is thought to trigger cerebral vasodilation, thus reducing ischemia generated by cerebral vasospasm during an eclamptic event. The substance also acts competitively in blocking the entry of calcium into synaptic endings, thereby altering neuromuscular transmission.

Terget Crop: Rice, Vegetable, Beet, garden; beet, sugar; burdock, edible; carrot; celeriac; chervil, turnip-rooted; chicory; ginseng; horseradish; parsley, turnip-rooted; parsnip; radish; radish, oriental; rutabaga; salsify; salsify, black; salsify, Spanish; skirret; turnip. Root vegetables .


MAGBAN PLUS (Magnesium 9.5% + Sulpher-12.5%)