JASS SOLUBOR-20% (Solubor Boron-20%)

Solubor is manufactured to combine the highest concentration of boron with the maximum possible dispersion and solubility in water. … Formulation of high performance liquids containing either boron alone or a combination of nutrients for spraying, ‘fertigation’ or irrigation.

Chemical Formula: Na2B8O13.4H2O




Mode of action:

To provide boron through irrigation, fertigation or hydroponics where this is the most practical form of plant feeding. The amorphous particles of Solubor facilitate rapid wetting and incorporation in water and more viscous liquids, even at low temperatures.


Terget Crop: Rice, Vegetable, Beet, garden; beet, sugar; burdock, edible; carrot; celeriac; chervil, turnip-rooted; chicory; ginseng; horseradish; parsley, turnip-rooted; parsnip; radish; radish, oriental; rutabaga; salsify; salsify, black; salsify, Spanish; skirret; turnip. Root vegetables.



JASS SOLUBOR-20% (Solubor Boron-20%)
500GM×20 100GM×60